Long Beach BMW Auto Repair

Are you looking for an auto repair shop to service your BMW? Do you want the same quality technicians to work on your car but charge you half the price? Welcome to MBA Motors. We are your dealership alternative to high prices and excellent service. Our auto mechanics are top notch in Long Beach CA. We do work for many auto repair shops around Long Beach that are not equipped to handle the latest BMW models. We service all makes and models and our Long Beach BMW Auto Repair Shop has state of the art equiptment to handle the most complex issues.

We repair your car better than anyone else around town. Our state of the art factory equiptment and factory trained technicians can quickly and efficiently diagnose your BMW car or SUV. We do the following:

  • Oil Changes
  • Electronics Repair
  • Brakes
  • Engine & Transmission Repair
  • Hydrolics
  • SMG Transmissions (on BMW)
  • Clutch Repairs
  • And much more…

Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Shop in Long Beach CA

Is your Mercedes Benz out of warranty? Is your dealer now holding you hostage to high cost repairs? If you drive a Mercedes Benz car or SUV and your warranty is finished, then you need to consider going to an independent Mercedes Benz auto repair shop in Long Beach.

Our A.S.E. factory trained techninicans know German cars inside out. We’ve been trained in Germany by BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen and know our craft better than anyone else.

Best Auto Repair In Long Beach CA

When your car needs work, it's time to find a quality auto repair in Long Beach shop that is trusted and has experienced technicians that can handle the work. Our certified auto repair shop only employs auto mechanics that are certified A.S.E. technicians to ensure the best workers are handling your BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Volkswagen. We're a Long Beach auto repair shop that cares about the quality of work we perform on these luxury vehicles. This is why we employ only the best technicians in Long Beach California. So call us today if you need a quality mechanic to work on your car.

ASE Certified Auto Mechanics

When you own a German vehicle, you’re now obligated to take very good care of it before high costs kick in. This requires certified technicians that can diagnose problems using state of the art technology which will not harm your vehicle’s electronics. Make sure you only bring it to certified ASE auto repair shops and independent shops that focus on German cars. Do not bring it to just any auto repair shop or else they can damage it even worse.

100% Customer Satisfaction

If you’re used to being 100% satisfied when you’re getting repairs, then you need to consider letting our professionals handle it all for you. We know the meaning of German engineering and the importance of doing a great job first time around.

Best Quality – Best Price – Excellent Service

Our customers enjoy worry-free driving and a hassle-free environment. We provide excellent customer service and we have the top equiptment and technology that allows us to provide accurate diagnostics. Whether we’re doing a brake change or fixing an engine, our factory equiptment is able to quickly and efficiently pin point the issues.

Call us today at 562-283-6903 for a free estimate.

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